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Term Paper

A tilapia from this wonderful person costs about seventy-five cents,Its very cheap price ,I have bought this fish 99 cents.

Paul Marin

Hi Seth,

As I am from Costa Rica, I can tell you that this happens with everything around here. Did you know a minimum wage here is $500 to $600 a month? By the way, here is a tip for your readers if they plan to visit Costa Rica some day...

Many service providers, such as cab drivers, would charge a lot more money if they perceive that the customers are foreigners, which I have always thought is an unfair treatment. Not all of them do that though. However, the way I see it, they are just killing the cow (no pun intended with your pruple one ;) )

You know what they say..."You May Shear a Sheep Many Times...But Skin it only Once!"

The same happens when the story is no longer effective. Costa Rica is exotic with, or without us costaricans and that is, fortunately, the main reason for visitors to come. Also, I guess that those Tilapias would taste better in this tropical paradise ;)

Finally, I have about 100 Square meters of free space in my backyard. I'd probably start growing Tilapias.. Thanks for the hobbie idea!


very interesting thanks

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