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Peter Stoermer

Hi Seth.

Been a fan of your writings since your Yo-yo days ;-)

Since I haven't seen the new digs (or the old ones for that matter), I wasn't sure what kind of "whiteboard" you use.

However, I work with an outfit here in NJ called Toucboards.com. A large distributor of very cool interactive whiteboards.

Not sure if you already have one. But I thought I would pass it along to you.


Pete (a fellow cue-ball)

Zack Shutt

Hello seth!
I'm Zack Shutt (15 years old) and already looking forward to studying marketing. I've started my own web company http://www.hostmore4less.com and i was wondering if you could offer me some pointers maybe..? I loved your purple cow book, im really into that stuff.


Herzlichen Dank, endlich habe ich das verstanden ;)

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Krass, ich habe never ever für möglich gehalten, dass dies in der Realität wirklich funktionieren könnte :-)

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Also ich bin mir sicher dies ist eh nur eine Mode


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