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Arun Sadhashivan

Hey Seth,
Could I request you to write up the flipcharts and stick it on your blog a la Tom Peters..

It might help folks like me who are far away, haven't got that sort of money or both..



Jonas Antonsson

I second the write-up request. I've got "distance problems" which is a bit of a handicap.

You could also just fly over to Iceland and do the seminar at my office ;-) I could probably find a few people that would be willing to attend...

Michael Gibbons

Seth, I feel a little like Charlie and you are Willy Wonka. OK I don't live with my extended family -- but I do have limited resources! But I also don't watch too much TV, eat everything in site or get everything I want from Daddy -- although I do work for someone who does/did! Does your office have a big gate with a big scroll "s" on it and a smokestack? That's the way I picture it -- ever consider issuing one "golden ticket" for your seminars? I'd like to dream but its just hard to sleep with all these people in the bed! Have a good seminar and thanks for your BLOG and Books --they have changed my life -- really! michael g

Renato Graça

Seth, i've just began unraveling the marketing world and his habits. I want to thank you for your books and for being a light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of markeeters, me included. What i most enjoy in your work, is the way your "out of the box" thinking influences in a positive way a lot of people, pushing them forward, and continuously, to develop a better work.

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