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Patsi Krakoff

We're staying at the Travel Inn Express, so if anyone wants to share a taxi on Thursday, let us know by email or calling the hotel and asking for the Krakoff's. That hotel is at 515 West 42nd Street, don't have the number handy. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Patsi Krakoff

Here's my husband's marketing challenge, which we hope to address at the seminar: This is for his company www.razerzone.com.

Razer was founded in 1998 as a gaming peripheral hardware company specializing in high technology products for the personal computer.

Our mission has been to enhance the gaming experience through the design and engineering of advanced precision computer devices.

Today we conceive, design, engineer, manufacture (outsourced), sell and market mice, keyboards, mousing surfaces, audio products and accessories.

Our brand is youthful, edgy, hardcore and aggressive. We sell products in virtually every country and have offices in Singapore (design and engineering), Germany, Taiwan and our global office located in San Diego.

To our loyal customer base we are considered the Ferrari of gaming hardware and our advanced technology commands a 10% to 20% increase in retail delta over Logitech and Microsoft, our main competitors.

To date our marketing has centered on the avid market users, roughly 30,000,000 around the globe and we have attempted to reach them through “community” methods rather than traditional paid media. We are heavily involved in team, league and independent LAN party sponsorships around the globe. We are well known as sponsors who support the players and contribute to the community. We were the first company to offer a $100,000 purse for gaming competition in 2001.

Our greatest challenge using this “stealth” approach is that outside or more casual gamers are not aware of our products and perhaps more importantly don’t have the basic knowledge that owning better hardware can provide them an edge in their favorite game.

How can we (or even can we) breach this lack of awareness within the more casual users?

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