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332 is so boring

Thanks to boingboing, I found: One thousand paintings ( 1000 numbers = 1000 paintings ). It's so classically, perfectly viral. It will make him hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few weeks. And it will make you smile.

I bought painting 552. I may donate it to MoMA.

Shorttail UPDATE: Brian Baute coins the term the short tail, and makes a graph of it. The brick thing is funny as well.


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So an Artist sells numbers as paintings on the weband Seth Godin bought number 552. For me the concept of this kind of offering is more interesting than the actual product - it's just a bunch of signs with the... [Read More]

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OK. I saw it on Seth's blog, and he saw it on BoingBoing, so it's probably old news: OneThousand Still, it has that obvious, once you've seen it flavor. The pricing algorithm is particularly interesting. Value goes up as [Read More]

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Is this art? This artist in Switzerland has just produced a thousand individual limited edition paintings of numbers which he is selling online. The more numbers that are sold the more expensive they become (minimum price $40). Apparently they're flying [Read More]

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I read Seth Godin's post about 1,000 Paintings and frankly, I didn't get it.Truth is, I still don't get it and I am betting that no one really gets it, but a lot of people are blogging about it and... [Read More]

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We're very proud of our area code here in Southern Connecticut. That's why I bought painting # 203 from Sala. Civic pride is a wonderful thing. Here's what the paintings look like. This is what creativity looks like right now. [Read More]

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Brian finagled a mention about his bricks idea from Seth Godin. This is never ... [Read More]

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  Sala Aharef, a young artist working out of a small studio in Zurich, Switzerland, must surely be the envy of anyone who has ever struggled to sell a single painting. That’s just what went through my mind when I read about him a few weeks ago on ... [Read More]

» What is Art? from Manage To Change
May 30th Seth Godin posted about One Thousand Paintings, an art, viral marketing, and business experiment being conducted by Sala Aharef, an artist in Zurich, Switzerland. There has been a great deal of debate about whether painting a blue number [Read More]

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Borges is one of my favorite writers. In Las Ruinas Circulares (one of the stories from his famous book El Jardín de Senderos que se bifurcan) he wrote:...No ser un hombre, ser la proyección del sueño de otro hombre ...& [Read More]

» demi moore nude from demi moore nude
teen lesbians have sex shit girls concrete blonde lat... [Read More]

» 770 is mine from MLM forums
I just read Seth´s Blog and found a very interesting post about an experiment of [tag]art[/tag] and mathematics on the web. The [tag]experiment[/tag] is called One thousand paintings (1000 numbers = 1000 paintings). I thought it was funny and I wanted... [Read More]

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