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Wownow I absolutely adore this photo from the Times.  Not one smile in the bunch, never mind ebullience, mania or even pleasant anticipation.

Just because a marketer says something is amazing, exciting or just plain wow doesn't mean it is.


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Seth Godin put up a post about how the execs at corp, weren't smiling in the WoW Campaign photo (pictured [Read More]

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» Wow... Yawn from
Microsoft just launched their new operating system, Vista with much fanfare. Check out the pic, compliments of [Read More]

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Seth's Blog: Wow!... [Read More]

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Что-то Windows Vista все ругают. В блогах выкладывают фотографии и скриншоты с язывительными комментариями. [Read More]

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As Seth Godin points out just because the marketing team says it, doesnt mean it is so. Here, we see that there isnt a smile on any of the faces in this photo apparently these poor Microsoft executives arent having much f... [Read More]

» Where's the Wow!? (Vista launch...) from Jame Healy
My friend Darren pointed me at Seth Godin's post here. Good point. Where are the smiles and jubilation!? By the way, look for a lot more "wow" in secondary markets for Vista. I found myself doing this as well. I looked at Vista, s [Read More]

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