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Actually, it's just a jaggy picture

Uklogo The UK games have unveiled the Olympic logo for 2012. If you were an ordinary person, you'd describe it as a slightly jarring, very bright piece of abstraction. Of course, you're not an ordinary person, you're a marketer, in which case you might understand this:

"This is the vision at the very heart of our brand," said London 2012 organising committee chairman Seb Coe.

"It will define the venues we build and the Games we hold and act as a reminder of our promise to use the Olympic spirit to inspire everyone and reach out to young people around the world.

"It is an invitation to take part and be involved."

If you are paying money to someone who talks like this, may I suggest you stop? And if you work for someone who talks like this, time to look for a new gig.


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I endeavor everyday to complete that phrase with the word Works. Design that Works is my motto and more important its my goal. So how does the London 2012 Olympic committee complete that phrase for this lovely logo? Design... [Read More]

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Nice. At least for a moment makes one completely forget about terrorism, war and fractious societies.... broken glass as unity? Note to the UK, may I suggest using the Olympic rings and move on to building your velodrome! [Read More]

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What in the world did the Olympic Committee get for $800,000 that it could not have received for $800? I don't care if it was objectively the best logo in the history of mankind, it's not the logo that makes [Read More]

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Ill post a pic of a Gonzo tattoo (old or new) go ahead and send th [Read More]

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I’m a big fan of Lord Coe. The guy won four Olympic medals (two gold), smashed 12 world records and brought the Olympic Games to London rather than losing to hot favourites Madrid and France. This British hero unveiled the [Read More]

» Beyond the comfort zone from Special Little People
The 2012 Olympic logo - now there is a debate! Boy are we all so determined to hate it - yet is it because it is so out of the norm, not corporate, not slick and contemporary, not sporty, not what we think of London, in other words unexpected, fresh, s... [Read More]

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