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» Seth Godin's summer internship project from PaulFarnell.com
Seth Godin has posted details of his summer internship project. Looks pretty amazing. Last year's project was to build ChangeThis.com. I'm going to apply. I may post my application web page up here when it's done. [Read More]

» Seth Godin's Summer Intern Project from Jack Cheng
This is an amazing opportunity. Yes, summer is almost here, so it must be time to post a summer project. I need your help in finding three or four extraordinary people who want to be involved in an important and engaging project over the summer. ... [Read More]



Hey Seth. I know lots of people like that...in fact, I'm pretty sure I may be one of those people. So, how do you want people to contact you about this? Also, are you looking for students, or ??? What kind of commitment are you thinking?

Have to ask the questions before I send anyone your way. ;)


Ack. You already answered my questions...Didn't notice there were separate posts here. Not sure if that's my bad or yours. ;) Anyway...sounds interesting, I'll pass the word along.

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