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Is Malcolm Gladwell losing sleep at the release of Seth Godin's latest book and blog? I doubt it. He's likely pleased that his well-known principle is alive and well and being applied to another specific instance. Personally, I am also [Read More]

» Getting out of the Dip from BizTips
Seth Godin has a new book called The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick) which looks at how to get unstuck. Basically. According to Godins lens on the topic of the new book: What really sets super... [Read More]

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Me quedé con las ganas de ver sus respuestas a mi anteúltimo post, realmente necesitaba feedback en eso del pulso de internet. Las mediciones me dicen que no entran menos de 20 personas por día (pico de 80 el martes 17), a lo que se su... [Read More]

» Did Shai Agassi read The Dip by Seth Godin? from Anshu's Blog on The Business of Software
Seth Godin recently released a new book called The Dip that fundamentally questions the belief that quitters never win and winners never quit. He argues that smart, successful people know when to quit... [Read More]

» Are you in The Dip from Robert Gremillion's Blog
This weekend I picked up the CD version of The Dip by Seth Godin from Barnes and Noble. I was there to find the book version of the 4- Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and I saw this on the shelf for only $5. As a side note, how does Barnes and Noble sta... [Read More]

» A Chance to Pick Seth Godin's Brain: Waxxi's Next 'Cast from The Long Blonde Tail
This announcement is particularly exciting for me, as it is a reunion of sorts. About four years ago, while working with Fast Company's global online readers' community (arguably one of the first social networks), I had the idea to bring [Read More]

» Craigslist Sets Marketing and Sales Benchmark from Idea Sellers
Craig Newmark has made it. The San Francisco based entrepreneur has made the Time Magazine list of The People Who Shape Our World. Congratulations Craig. Todays site, a far cry from his meager begining as an electronic bulletin-board list of [Read More]

» Bateman IP Rocks: Sponsoring Seth Godin from Totally Doodgical
There are times when I really like my job and others, when I just love working at my job.  Bateman IP Law Group (a group of Utah Patent Lawyers and where I work) is on to be a sponsor of Seth Godins speech.  If you havent registered, go... [Read More]

» Seth Godins The Dip from Mary Panttaja
I read Seth Godins The Dip: The Little Book that Teaches You When to Quit and When to Stick over the weekend. (In about an hour actuallyI was slow.) It has some interesting approaches to life and work. Let me paraphrase: &nb... [Read More]

» Suggested reading from Adventures in Copywriting
Remember how exciting it was when you started you career, relationship, sport, etc.? And remember how things got tough and you didn't know whether to give up or plow through? Well Seth Godin calls this tough period the Dip. It's [Read More]

» Where To Look For Powerful Lessons? In the dip! from Steli Efti
From the dip, a little book that teaches you when to quit ( and when to stick) Seth Godin: what´s the dip? It´s the fifth job interview where they never even call you back. It´s the garage band playing to [Read More]

» Seth Godin on Community from Willow Creek Association Group Life
From Dave Treat Have you read Seth Godin's books? Maybe you have read Purple Cow or Small is the New Big? He's good. But... is he good enough to get someone out of bed at 4:15 AM to catch the [Read More]

» Niche Marketing, Important online and beyond from Web Design Marketing Podcast & Blog
In my last few podcasts I have been discussing the importance of marketing to specific niches, groups, and demographics as a way to separate yourself from your competition. I think for many this is a hard task to do, as the thought of narrowing the pos... [Read More]

» What Hiccups Tell Our Inner Samurai from Alkamae Blog
Over the last month of so, I've had a lot of questions from clients and friends who are facing varying degrees of resistance in their small business start up, finances, and relationships. They have a strong desire for something, want [Read More]

» Best Tattoo Artist In Chicago from Spaces on the Wall
Would have to be Larry Brogan. I found him doing a Google search for the best tattoo artist in chicago. Larry doesn't advertise much. Almost all his clients are word of mouth, he's always booked up and is very choosy [Read More]

» The Dip: Quitting to Win from Finding the Sweet Spot - Building Web Businesses That Profit
In your web project, do you have parts that dead-end, with little chance of making you the best in your industry? Are there areas you should focus on in hopes of reaching the other side of the dip, joining the elite players of your business? Are you... [Read More]

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Over at Diva Days my mate Anne Maybus has begun a Friday Funnies Competition. Being a woman who can never resist the urge to compete, Pink Apple put a smarty-bum caption to the wonderful photo Anne had found. And apparently, [Read More]

» Few Roads are Straight from ModernMagellans
Aside from short stretches of highway, very few roadways are straight. There are several reasons, landscape, keeping drivers alerts, and surface features being the most prominent. In fact, a winding road can be a bit more enjoyable to drive on.I... [Read More]

» Quitting is Not the Same as Failing from HR Thoughts
Quitting is not the same as failing. If anything, this one quote from Seth Godin ... [Read More]

» Why I hate Seth Godin (Summer Reading List, week 5) from thinks
I hate Seth Godin. I dont dispute his intelligence or creativity. I dont dislike his approach. I dont even disrespect with his hairline (excellent brand image, by the way). Its that he tells us things we ought to know alrea... [Read More]

» E Brand Equity - TheDip from E Branding by Dr. Orit Mossinson
Seth Godin found and named “The Dip”.  He reminded us “Being the Best in the world is seriously underestimated “. He demonstrated that the mass market is dying and that if you are not the best in the world, you just shouldn’t bother. He also... [Read More]

» Getting Rich with Real Estate is Easy (And Why Ive Changed My Mind) from Real Estate Investing Blog
Yes, I just said getting rich with real estate is easy. I realize in the past Ive often said that real estate investing is simple, but not easy. But after a few more years of wisdom and insight Im now completely reversing my... [Read More]

» The Dip from Optimal Training
I just finished reading Seth Godin's new book, The Dip. It's a book that fundamentally questions the idea that quitters never win and winners never quit. In fact, he argues, winners quit all the time. What? How's that? Read on. [Read More]

» Don't Start Something You Can't Finish from Spaces on the Wall
This has become a big one for me. I usually practice this idea to some degree when I'm out at a restaurant or bar - I know what my eyes can't eat. But, being a serial entrepreneur, you have to... [Read More]