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Gordon Milton

I presume everyone is now rushing to that store to buy lottery tickets. If that is so, then I am even more embarrassed to be a member of the human race

John Houghton

It is amazing how lucky a person can get by putting oneself in the way of luck. Just buying the lottery ticket is a chance. But buying one here is a better chance. I'll bet the owner of the store makes a lot of marketing mileage from these winners. And by that, generates luck!


It's completely true some zodiac signs are luckier than others I have noted that Taurus men seem particularly lucky when it comes to winning - whether it's a lottery or video poker or any other type of slot machine - they have a higher winning ratio than all the other star signs.


Not sure if that was a MArketing Campaign, more of a news story. For a specific Gas Station to sell that many winning tickets is an interesting story. I'm sure it caused hype but that probably wasn't the direct intention.

i can see how you can make it look that way. I think this is alot like #'s, you see what you want to see.

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thats impossible, thats something fishy in that store ...

Elizabeth D.Taylor


I would like to buy a lucky ticket from that store, Where is it please?.
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