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Jay K Smith

We have begun the individual preperation for our group gathering on Thursday. Anticipation and excitement level is very high. The expectation of new knowledge and insight is on all our minds. New ideas, projects and actions will be forthcoming .

Carrie Osman

Hi guys,
first meeting tonight in a cafe in London :) everyone is really keen with a brilliant mix of people agreeing to come.
I am just trying to think of the 'ritual' I can create for the start of the meeting
Good luck :)

Helen Tonetti

First meeting in Reading Berkshire tonight ... have a group of 10.

Ray Douglas

It's kicking off tonight here in Birmingham UK a mixture of public,private sector ,academics and Entrepeneurs ,social activists


Sonja van Beveren

Yes 3 people in my group and starting next week in Assen, Holland. Enough time to enlarge my group. Have fun and learn everyone.

Tamsin Toefy

Have had to delay our start for 2 weeks so that we can find a few more people to join us. Only 4 so far and we are keen to get at least another 2. When we do we'll be meeting in one of our meeting rooms after work in London. Great to watch this space where everyone else is making it happen.

Jeremy Overton

I've been hosting a group of entrepreneurs for curated dinners for the past three months (inspired by Michelle Welsch). The small dinner at Seth's event in January re-kindled my desire to start a small group.

I got an invitation to attend a May event in Toronto hosted by Jayson Gaignard, whom I met in NYC at Seth's event in January. My vision for hosting such an event became much more clear. Jayson also credits the Seth's event as the catalyst for his event.

Jayson had issued a plea for accountability on our LinkedIn group from the January event, and when he didn't find exactly what he was looking for, he created his own group of 100 high achievers.

In July, I got the courage to invite some of my "local heroes" (aforementioned entrepreneurs) out to dinner with total confidence that magic would happen, and it has.

What's working is that Seth is giving people who are striving for EXTREME value creation, collaboration and cooperation a "track" to run on.

Tonight, we'll meet for the 4th consecutive month... I'll be delivering Seth's message.

It's an amazing feeling to think about the results this day will yield six months from now (and beyond) around the world.

Matt C

Brooklyn Homeschool session one is scheduled next week!

Krypton Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas group has nine people who are excited to learn more and blossom.

Anil Kuppa

We will be doing the session on Thursday in our office (Hyderabad, India). I am finding it difficult to limit the number of people as many people are interested. I have limited to calling 15 people, but in the long run this might not be possible.

Shelia Cockburn

We have a great group meeting tonight for New York, NY. I am looking forward to it. Inspiration to all.


We are meeting tonight in my home. Made it through inviting people, got over thinking everyone was busy, and decided on snack. Four dynamic people are gathering tonight in my home ---As Mr Hoppe (my son's music teacher) always says, "Starting is the hardest part. " Maybe Seth said it too, but we heard it first from Mr. Hoppe. Have Fun everyone!

Richard Bludworth

I cheated, re attendance, and made it a company exercise to promote no fear thinking which is already in our DNA

Jenni Baker

We have about 11 people getting together at Goodwill Industries International in Rockville, MD. We're excited to share and learn from one another! Our group added an element to the first meeting -- everyone is bringing in an object that symbolizes their fear (conceptually rather than literally) and will talk about it with the group. We think it will be an interesting way to ease into a topic that can be challenging to talk about in front of others.

Samantha Kaufman

Gave a speech to a group of women (Networking in High Heels) weaving my professional development and marketing company's focus via gurus like Seth and rounded it off with an opportunity for these amazing women to join in these courses and "Dare themselves the Freedom to be Audacious!" Almost everyone signed up! We've decided that should be the mantra of our group. Of course, not all can make this first course, so it is whittled down to 6 definite participants and many eager women on the side. May have to offer a second course time.

We meet first time today at Panera Bread in Bluffton, South Carolina...woohoo!

Still trying to come up with our ritual as I want it to be meaningful. Will definitely start with cell phones off, inspirational quote and...something..

Thank you for this dynamic opportunity, Seth. My heart is singing and my head is buzzing with creative input and ideas!



Afraid of getting a no? Tattoo a NO somewhere where you can see it on a daily basis!


Albuquerque group meeting next Wednesday for #1. Have three members so far and working on more. Very exciting and yet, like stepping off a cliff -

Janie Downey

Portland, Maine reporting in: Our group of six will be meeting on Thursdays. We did brief intros via email to save time at our first meeting. Turns out we have all worked for L.L.Bean at one point in our careers. We are all feeling pretty fearless right now, and are looking forward to a great conversation.


Hello from Atlanta! We have a session planned for Saturday --- will keep everyone posted. Good luck to the ones kicking it off today! :)

Cathy Greenblat

I LOVE this project but had to abort due to a serious health problem. Trip from Nov 3-23 meant I could not postpone a few weeks. I will read posts and comments with great interest and learn from all of you and joiin on round 2. Good luck. Cathy in Palm Springs CA

Daniel O'Neil

I started a bit early and have already had two sessions. I can't stress enough how powerful it is to bring people together to talk. That is by far the most powerful aspect. I look forward to continuing and building upon this!

Rick Gibbs

Event today in NYC at 2 PM with 6 people. Fell all over myself to prevent it from becoming a "session". Can't wait to start!


Meeting at our home on Wednesday evenings. Group of 7 confirmed for Austin TX. Thanks Seth for providing a platform.


15 of us meeting today at noon here in Seattle! Got over my fear of rejection to invite a hugely diverse selection of potential members, and was overwhelmed at the response! We have more folks who had schedule conflicts who are going to join us in future courses as possible.

Beth Campbell Duke

We've finished our first meeting! It's a small-but-mighty group that meets at 8 am. We're on Vancouver Island. Big THANKS to Seth and his crew for creating this program.

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