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Marsha King

What a great success! Just finished our first meeting. Our group was very engaged and so excited to be a part of this movement. The topic was perfect for the first meeting and everyone walked away with new ideas for "Dancing with fear" on a daily basis. Thank you Seth and Team Krypton for your vision.

Karen Lynn

Not Enough!
...people, energy, planning, time, etc...
Not good enough!
...me...the place we meet, preparedness

Resistance builds, begs my surrender
but...Not this time!

We meet tomorrow night - I'm standing for whatever happens next!


First Krypton meeting accomplished in São Paulo :) - we had a nice and diverse group of 9 persons that had very different backgrounds and interests - from the young university student dreaming of traveling around the world to the more seasoned executive trying to find her passion and how to work with it. We worked as a group throughout, beginning with our insights and thoughts about fear, sharing experiences and moments when we've felt fear and how we reacted. We discovered that there are different types of persons based on HOW they react to fear, there are the extremely organized (almost neurotic) planners who draft everything ahead as well as the big avoiders who just prefer to turn their backs and ignore what they are feeling, and a variety of in-betweens. We also discovered that a lot of our fears are focused on the 'social' factor and that this 'social' factor can often rank higher in the Maslow Pyramid of needs - after 90 min of conversation we spent another hour listing the strategies that we could use to overcome the different types of fears that we had identified, and some of the interesting insights we came up with were: don't use the word judge use the word evaluate when you're looking at your actions / emotions, notice how a person's charisma is directly related to their faith, don't spend energy trying to convince others of an idea you have until you've developed it, and just face each experience as just another part of the journey. We were very grateful for the opportunity and the content that was made available to generate this discussion and are excited to meet again next week!

Promod Sharma

Toronto's class starts this evening at the University of Toronto (http://bit.ly/KryptonTO). A Kryptonite was able to get us a meeting room with a round table. No coffee shops!

Nine have registered. That seems like a good size since some may drop out. I wanted to include people I don't know. Thanks to Meetup Anywhere, three are "strangers". Also, three are alumni from a Seth/Zig Pick Four program (http://bit.ly/PICK4). It helps to have a committed core.

The syllabus looks ideal for fostering discussions which (as Daniel says) is the magical part. I intended to set up a private Ning community (like Seth's triiibes.com). That does not seem necessary because Meetup is working well. We'll have tent name cards ... if I can find them :)

Marjorie Turner

We have a Krypton Wednesday coming tomorrow in Atlanta, GA. Four (maybe 5) excited people!

Luc Boivin

Getting ready for our group w/ much gratitude. pic.twitter.com/8Zx7svphY7


Man this first session was powerful. We had a brene brown moment in our class today where we became so vulnerable that there was no hiding from anyone anymore. Can't wait for next week when we explore how we're going to alchemize our shadows so that we and society can both learn and grow from it. Great initiative Seth and a big thank you to Darcy Lee for leading our group here in the bay area.

Del H

We have a group of 7 meeting in Brisbane Australia on Friday evening. Scared but excited - the decision to lead this has already had some spinoff effects!

Greg Magennis

Had a fabulous group of eight business leaders from the Dallas Fort Worth area come together in "lunch and learn" style. We had all completed the assignments and dived into an excellent conversation and sharing. My takeaway was the power of the structure of the inquiry that Seth had provided through the interview of the friend, colleague, neighbor. Being disciplined to stay in the inquiry and learn from the different perspectives it generated was exhilarating. Looking forward to our next session. Thank You.


We had a group in Brantford Ontario run today. Students 17-23 in age, 12 in number. Amazing outcome.
These kids "unpacked" more than I thought they would. We are moving forward with a solid toolbox
Of fear coping strategies. Looking forward to next week.
Thanks Narwals!

Darcy Lee

Our meeting was in San Francisco .... impacting and exhilarating ....thanks Seth and co feels like Community College with real community.

Luc Boivin

@LucBoivin & @CalebTheFencer were grateful to host Krypton Tuesday in our home pic.twitter.com/Tg7ukjeQxc

Thank You Kindly Seth!

Bill Jennings

The SHeD campus of Krypton Community College has already gone a bit rogue. We meet for Krypton Thursday... six confirmed, two deciding will gather in the SHeD tomorrow night 7pm. Where is the SHeD? In a suburb of Melbourne, Australia called West Preston... just East of the Merri Creek and slightly north of Antarctica... for those reading this from the UK, a shed is a little bit bigger than the ones you put your garden tools in... watch for the photos from the first meeting.

Looking forward to it... nearly didn't send the invite out but went 'what the hey'... sent Seth's template email with names changed... no one has said 'no'. How very cool.

Fabiano Pereira Lima

Thanks Seth Godin and his team. Great insights we had yesterday.
From São José dos Campos - São Paulo - Brazil

Shelia Cockburn

New York, NY was a great success. Everyone was very involved and we shared something real. It was fun and insightful.

Bettina Doulton

Camden, Maine: Enthusiastic group met for the first time last night. To play off the overcoming fear to push "art" forward theme, I gave everyone coloring books and crayons. Thinking being that the art is still unique and your own if you color inside predefined lines. Hope is by the last class, everyone will bring a free-hand drawing. - A lot of trust and open discussion. Good base for future conversations.

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