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Hi Seth,

You may or may not know this, but if you get the readability app you can set it up to send any html to your kindle.

This means that you actually don't have to download your book and usb it to your kindle. You can simply have people go to this page, click the readability add-on, and click the button "Send to Kindle"

Hope that helps! :-)


Al Ferreira

Thanks Seth - what a great way to start a week - I'd like to thank a teacher (or two) for helping me be able to read what you just wrote - as a camp director, I know that we help young people learn and develop an appreciation or learning as well - I vote you for Secretary of Re-education

Kyle Mcguffin

Thank you for inspiring and empowering us to not accept status quo! Appreciate your vision and relentless ability to wake us up in NOT accepting mediocrity. We as a member of humankind can leverage technology to take down dictatorships ie. Libya, Egypt, and I'm sure Syria will be next. We can change the world by having the vision, passion, and to not fear failure but to embrace it as a barrier for change. For the future of our children I will share this and start the conversation with everyone I know. I will not accept "that's the system and the way it is. For our children and our future we must change the paradigm. Thank you!

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