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Thanks for writing and sharing this! I just posted a blog on why the Malaysian education system doesn't work, which goes along the same lines. You can read it here:

A Facebook User

Seth: Thanks again for yet another intellectual effort worth millions! In México this is a much needed message. Think it would be okay to translate it?

seth godin

Yes, you're welcome to

visit http://www.stopstealingdreams.com to read about translations (at the bottom)


I concur with the comment, and would also translate your Manifesto. In Chile, we have the same problem (It's worldwide!)


Facebook user: we could split the translation work and go faster?



In Section 7 you write "The common school (now called a public school) was a brand new concept, created shortly after the Civil War." Later in the same you write "Horace Mann didn't have to struggle....."

Mann created The Common School Journal in 1838 - well before the Civil War - and he himself died in 1859.

According to Wikipedia, "In carrying out his work, Mann met with bitter opposition by some Boston schoolmasters who strongly disapproved of his innovative pedagogical ideas, and by various religious sectarians, who contended against the exclusion of all sectarian instruction from the schools."

I could not agree more with your point that the content we deliver to kids matters. Which is why it is so important that we get it right for the adults.

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